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Winston-Salem has so many restaurants, you can eat at a different one every day for a year (and a few months extra). And many are nationally known and highly regarded.  Click here for a complete restaurant listing.

Soul Food
Downhome – Southern-style cooking abounds, from fried chicken and pinto beans to coleslaw and potato salad.
Indian Food artgalleryofalgoma
Exotic – We have restaurants that offer Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.
Greak Food
European – Try one of our Greek, Italian or German restaurants.
Mexican Food Burrito San Juan
South of the Border – We have a great selection of Mexican restaurants.
Barbeque – Some of the best in the state is found right here.
Italian Food Fratellis Steakhouse
Just Plain Hungry – Try one of our steak or seafood restaurants, where the portions are always generous.
Krispy Kreme Hot Now Sign

Oh, and we’re also the home of America’s favorite doughnut – Krispy Kreme!